The Black Ficus Story

Some things completely redefine our lives. Linen changed ours. In 2015, we, Ann and Mykyta Panisovy, founded Black Ficus. You might think we are into gardening or we opened a flower shop, but no. 

Black Ficus is linen clothing. It’s a unique base in the area between minimalism and extravagance. Comfortable and cozy clothes, perfect for everyday life. We work only with pure linen fiber without any synthetic impurities. We absolutely love this material because of how it looks (its lightness, texture, and noble imperfection) and its superpowers (hypoallergenic, antiseptic properties and … the ability to forget that irons exist). The simplest linen model looks noble and self-sufficient. Yes, even a regular T-shirt can look that way.

We are able to maintain such high quality thanks to our individualized approach to each item. We do not use bulk tailoring and do not produce seasonal collections. And yes, it is important to us that our items look cool both inside and out, so our seamstresses pay special attention to this. 

We create handmade items, abiding by the principles of slow fashion. Today you place an order, and we sew and send it within a few days. Our designs are timeless. If, a couple of years after the purchase, you want to buy yourself the same pair of pants, dress or robe, you will certainly find them in a Black Ficus store. For a change, you can order them in a different color 🙂

Customization is another one of our features. Lengthening pants, sewing a custom size, adding a pocket or removing a hood — just tell us what you want. Also, you can match our items beautifully. It allows you easily to collect a capsule or seasonal wardrobe in one place.

Black Ficus started out as an attempt to create the perfect men’s robe. And today, people rest, work, get married, and perform at concerts in our clothes. We truly value this and we are grateful for your trust!


Why we love linen:

  1. Pure fiber without synthetic impurities is hypoallergenic, allows the skin to breathe and has antiseptic qualities.
  2. Noble imperfection — this is how you can describe the linen look and texture. All linen items look special. Also, linen is the only fabric that looks cool when it is wrinkled.
  3. Flax cultivation and fabric production use much fewer natural resources than, for example, cotton production.
  4. Linen is completely biodegradable and does not harm the environment.
  5. Linen clothes are real slow fashion: they can be worn for a long time, and the fabric itself becomes softer and more pleasant over time.



  • We use only Oeko Tex Standard 100 certificate linen, which means no hazardous chemicals, pesticides, or heavy metals were used to produce it.
  • We strive for environmental friendliness at every stage of our work, so all items are sent to customers immediately in a courier package without additional packaging.
  • We provide delivery worldwide. Despite quarantine restrictions, we manage to maintain fast shipping time.
  • We work with shops that share our love of linen. If you want to place a bulk order, just email us. 

Our shop located in Kyiv, Ukraine.

We are open and ship orders worldwide. Enjoy Free shipping on orders over $200