Ryan Bose

Great colour, excellent quality linen and top construction!


Completely forgot to review this cuz I was busy being sexy in the shirts haha. My wife loved them and so do I. Will be getting more in about a week or so. Thank you to the lovely black ficus family. Also black ficus trees are dope too haha

Holland Stephens

Beautiful. Careful sewing and detailing.

Rita Ramirez

Once again, a beautiful item. Great workmanship and great service.

Bronwyn Browne

I bought a men’s and a women’s robe. Very happy with the construction and the quality of the linen. The cut is excellent, very elegant.

zac del rio

Thank you for your great customer service and apologies for misunderstanding.


I ordered two items of the same size, this one fits a little bigger. Nevertheless, I like it - beautiful cosy color!


1st time ordered from distance. Reliable & prompt service.
Item received as ordered. Friendly customer service.

Bentley Davis

My partner loves these! I hope to get a pair for myself sometime in the future.

megan schoenbachler

Ann was amazing and very helpful. I received all of my beautiful purchases in very good time. She was even able to cater a few items to my exact specifications. Each item came beautifully wrapped and packaged. I can't recommend them highly enough. Beautiful work! Thanks so much!

Gisela Loehlein

great love it light linen fabric super color and flexible cut.


This is a well made and well cut robe. It is both comfortable and stylish to wear. I wanted a robe that was similar to some I had worn in hotel rooms, not the towelling type but more like a kimono or yukata style, and the cut of this robe is very similar. I particularly like the cut of the top half, which gives good coverage and sits perfectly. The lower half is also covering, while being slim and sophisticated at the same time. The belt loop in the centre back is a good idea and works well. The choice of length is a good option to have, because many robes in shops are a generic length, either short or mid calf, making it difficult to find a robe in a longer length that suits your height.

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