Linen care instructions

About linen fabric

People who love clothes made from natural fibers will usually choose to wear linen clothes. Linen is known for being a high-quality natural material which is smooth but dense. When you wear it against your skin, it’ll feel fresh and lively over the course of the day. Linen fibers simply have a structure that is unlike any other fibers.

 Linen advantages

Woven flax is used to make linen. That is why these textiles have such a beautiful appearance to them. However, flax is more than something that makes clothes look good. It can also eliminate pathogenic bacteria because of its hypoallergenic and high hygroscopicity properties. If temperatures are very hot outside, flax-based clothing can stop you from overheating. If the temperatures are cold, then you can stay warm quite easily with linen clothing on you.

According to scientific research, wearing flax-based clothing can help you reduce the chance of developing allergies and skin diseases. But you must regularly maintain your linen clothing in order to sustain their beneficial properties.

Washing Linen Clothes

You can put linen clothing in a washing machine to wash them. If the linen is a solid white color, then set the temperature to 60°C (140°F). If the linen has any other color, then set the temperature to 40°C (104°F). Avoid using bleach on linen clothing because it can damage the fabric considerably. If you can help it, don’t mix linen clothing with other types of clothing when it is in the washing machine. Wash linen separate.

Drying Linen Clothes
Tumble drying is not a good idea for linen clothing because the fabric will develop a shorter lifespan. But if tumble drying must be done, use a setting that produces little to no heat. If you plan to iron your clothing, then you won’t want the linen fabric to dry all the way. After all, ironing is always easier when you have damp linen clothing. Dry linen develops more of a stiffness to it.
Linen clothing should not be wrung with your hands. If you want to get rid of water from the linen clothes, put them on a drying rack or place them on a padded hanger completely flat. This will air-dry the linen clothing. Regular clothespins and hangers will markup the linen fabric.

Ironing Linen Clothes

Your iron should have a linen setting. If it does, then activate this setting and use the iron on your damp linen clothing. The fabric will dry quickly from the iron’s heat while removing wrinkles in the process. If you need to make the linen damper, then spray water onto it during the ironing process. This will help ensure you have a soft line. Once you’re done, hang the linen up to dry.

Treat your linen clothes responsibly, and they’ll last a long time!

With love,
BlackFucus team.

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