The Top 5 Benefits of Wearing Linen Clothes

Linen is one of the oldest types of clothing materials in the world. Before the age of polyester and cotton-based clothing, there was only linen clothing worn by monarchs, knights, priests, and many important people of history. In modern times, you can still find linen clothing, but you can also find linen tablecloths, bedding sheets, and other linen-based items too.

Did you know there are several benefits to wearing linen clothes? Once you learn about these benefits, you’ll want to ditch your cotton clothes and switch over to linen clothes for good.

Below are the top 5 benefits of wearing linen clothes.

1) Comfortable

Linen is a breathable, soft, and lightweight material which has a natural ability to absorb moisture. When you wear linen clothing against your skin, you’ll never feel hot or uncomfortable ever again. Linen absorbs your body heat and releases it away from you. This fabric comes from the flax plants found in India and other tropical locations. That is how it handles hot and humid climate conditions so well.

2) Environmentally Friendly

When linen clothes are woven together, they don’t contribute to the pollution and destruction of the environment. There are no chemicals or additives used on the clothing either. Linen comes directly from the stalks of flax plants. Compared to cotton, flax is a much more sustainable material. It is one of the few types of plants which can grow in poor soil conditions without much water. The environment sure won’t run out of flax plants anytime soon.

3) Hypoallergenic

The natural elements of linen make the clothing hypoallergenic. Some people often deal with skin conditions, inflammation or allergies when they wear cotton or unnatural fabrics against their skin. But this won’t happen with linen clothing because its properties are anti-allergic and can destroy pathogenic bacteria. Also, since moisture cannot build up in the fabric, linen won’t become a home to microbes and bacteria the way cotton can. Then you can actually stay safe and prevent sickness.

4) Versatile

Linen can be used to create more than one type of clothing. In fact, linen is used in several different clothing styles, whether they’re formal outfits or casual outfits. You can find linen pants, shirts, blazers, sweaters, canvas bags, espadrilles, straw hats, and the list goes on. The versatility of linen also makes it quite fashionable because it can be cut and manipulated to create all sorts of neat clothing appearances. Linen clothes are great for all seasons.

5) Resistant to Shrinkage and Lint

The number one problem with cotton fabric is that it shrinks when you wash it with hot water. It also wrinkles and attracts lint too easily. Linen, on the other hand, does not shrink in the washing machine, nor does it attract wrinkles and lint. Since linen naturally absorbs heat, it doesn’t become affected by it the way cotton does. Linen is also known for its strength and resistance to stretching and tears. After all, it is 30% more durable than cotton.


Linen clothes are a great way to feel better and treat your skin to natural fabric that won’t irritate it. You won’t need to pay too much more money for linen clothing either. The next time you shop for clothes, make sure linen is on your mind for all the reasons described above.

With love,
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