Women's Strap Linen Top

Measuring tips to assure the best fit of your top

The chest measurement is taken as a circumference measurement around your chest at the widest point. Stand in a relaxed posture and breathe out.
The waist measurement is taken as a circumference measurement around your waist just above your belly button. Stand in a relaxed posture and breathe out.
Measure the circumference around your hips at the widest point. This will usually be roughly just above the crotch line.

SizeChest inchesChest cmWaist inchesWaist cmHips inchesHips cm
XS30,7″-33,4″78-85 сm23,6 ″- 27,5″60-70 cm 27,5 - 31,4″70-80 сm
S33,8″-35″86-89 сm27,5″-31,4″70-80 cm 31,4″- 35,4″80-90 сm
M35,4″-36,6″90-93 сm31,4″-35,4″80-90 cm35,4″ -39,3″90-100 сm
L37″-38,1"94-97 сm35,4″ -39,3″90-100 cm39,3″ -43,3″100-110 сm
XL38,5″ -39,7″98-101 сm39,3″ -43,3″100-110 cm43,3″ - 47,2″110-120 сm

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Women’s Strap Linen Top

Women’s Strap Linen  Top

Color in the picture: Latte

Linen Crop Top is made from 100% Linen and available in a variety of colors. A lightweight and breathable it is ideal for hot summer weather. Wear it both on the street and at home.

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This Lace-Up linen crop top will help you create a stylish and elegant summer look. The natural fabric molds to your body shape and over time becomes softer. Take it with you on vacation, wear it at home, on the street or at the beach. We have tried to make a linen top that makes women feel attractive and sexy.

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Made from 100% Linen

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Peach, Terracotta, Beige (not colored), Blue-grey, Brown, Burgundy, Cream, Dark blue, Dark grey, Green, Latte, Light grey, Black, Light pink, Navy blue, Olive, Pear yellow, Pink, Red, Saffron, White